Straw Rocket Craft

A fun activity for elementary-school aged kids. Straw rockets combine the crafty fun of cutting and coloring with learning about rocket propulsion.

The website linked from this resource page has instructions, and a printable rocket template.

Note: In our experimentation, we found that making the attached rocket tube about half the length of the rocket’s body, and attaching it close to the nose gave the best propulsion.

What is an Eclipse? Handout

This handout is designed to be printed double-sided, and has two handouts per page. On one side are diagrams and brief descriptions of both lunar and solar eclipses. On the other side are lists of upcoming lunar and solar eclipses through 2020.

The file is available in both MS Word and PDF formats.

Crash Course – Astronomy – 39: Galaxies, Part 2

This is the thirty-ninth video of the Crash Course – Astronomy series, hosted by Dr. Phil Plait. This video discusses active galaxies, quasars, the massive black holes at the center of galaxies, and galaxy clusters.

From the video description:

Table of Contents:

  • Black Holes at the Center of Galaxies 2:26
  • Galaxies Are a Part of Small/Large Clusters 9:47
  • The Milky Way is Part of the Local Group 6:45
  • Galaxy Clusters Clump Together to Create Superclusters 11:03
  • Hundreds of Billions of Galaxies 12:39

Housing a Forest – How to Make Oobleck Dance

Oobleck is an amazing substance. It flows like a liquid when relaxed, but stiffens to solidity when struck, before relaxing once again.

This demonstration adds a twist (or a rumba!) Putting oobleck into a cookie sheet, and suspending it over a subwoofer playing a variety of tones will cause the oobleck to jump and dance.

Recipes, equipment needed, options, and tips for easy cleanup are included.

Discover and Learn – Animals in Winter

Many warm-blooded anumals use an insulating layer of fat to keep them warm during winter months. In this activity, a large bowl of ice water stands in for winter, and a glove coated in shortening plays the role of the fat layer.

Teachers Pay Teachers – Force & Motion

Activities using toy cars or ping pong balls investigating distances traveled for pushes of different strengths, the effects of ramps, and designing surfaces that cause a change in direction.

Teachers Pay Teachers (

Teachers Pay Teachers bills itself this way:

Teachers Pay Teachers is the world’s first and largest open marketplace for educators to buy, sell, and share their original resources. TpT helps teachers to teach at their best and provides a community where teachers succeed.

NASA Pop Can “Hero Engine” Activity for Grades K-8

This classroom activity is intended to be used by groups of students. The students will construct a “Hero’s Engine” from a can and string, and use it to explore how the movement of falling water spins the can. Information is provided for both the instructor and student.

Steve Spangler Science – Nine Layer Density Tower

Carefully adding nine common household fluids to a tall glass vase produces a colorful layering, demonstrating how the differing densities of these liquids prevent mixing. As a bonus, this video shows how common solid objects will float at different levels due to their densities.