Crash Course – Astronomy – 40: Gamma-Ray Bursts

This is the fortieth video of the Crash Course – Astronomy series, hosted by Dr. Phil Plait. This video describes the history of the discovery of gamma rays, and how astronomers learned their sources in the universe.

From the video description:

Table of Contents:

  • Gamma-Ray Were Discovered During the Cold War 0:47
  • Bursts Come in Two Varieties: Long and Short 8:35
  • Long Bursts Are From Hypernovae, Massive Stars Exploding 6:46
  • Short Ones Are From Merging Neutron Stars 9:00
  • Both Are The Birthplace of Black holes 9:55
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Crash Course - Astronomy Series

Crash Course - Astronomy Series

This collection of YouTube videos is hosted by astronomer Phil Plait. It covers a vast range of astronomical topics at an introductory and approachable level.