Crash Course – Astronomy – 6: Telescopes

This YouTube video explains how telescopes work, and describes various types of telescopes.

This is the sixth video of the Crash Course – Astronomy series, hosted by Dr. Phil Plait. This video describes the basic principles of telescopes and how varieties of telescope designs function. Also included is a basic guide to purchasing telescopes for personal use. From the video description:

Table of Contents:

  • How Telescopes Work 1:07
  • Refractors vs Reflectors 2:50
  • Technology and the Light Spectrum 7:45
Crash Course Astronomy Video



Crash Course channel on YouTube

Crash Course channel on YouTube

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Crash Course - Astronomy Series

Crash Course - Astronomy Series

This collection of YouTube videos is hosted by astronomer Phil Plait. It covers a vast range of astronomical topics at an introductory and approachable level.