Meteor Showers of 2018 Handout

This handout is designed to be printed double-sided, and has two handouts per page. On one side is a brief comparison of comets, asteroids, meteoroids, meteors, and meteorites. On the other side is a description of what a meteor shower is, plus a list of the notable meteor showers (with peak dates) for 2018.

The file is available in both MS Word and PDF formats.

Crash Course – Astronomy – 23: Meteors

This is the twenty third video of the Crash Course – Astronomy series, hosted by Dr. Phil Plait. This video surveys the different types of meteors, and describes the differences between meteors, meteorites, and meteoroids.

From the video description:

Table of Contents:

  • What Meteors Are 0:59
  • Meteor Shower 4:22
  • What Meteors Are Made Of 7:10
  • Very Big Meteorites Can Be a Very Big Problem 8:36